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New Triffid Voicemail Goes Live

New Voicemail System Goes Live

New Voicemail System Goes Live

We have launched the new anti-triffid hotline. Use this number to alert us of Triffidite gatherings, sympathizer rallys and funerals/weddings of known FIDS at which we can demonstarte (peacefully of course). leave us a message today.

You can access our voicemail box by clicking here. As a user of this site you will have access to listen to other phone messages posted by other Triffid opposers just like you or record a message of your own by clciking on the “leave a message” link, dialing the number and using the top secret pin to gain access to the voicemail system.

Thank you for your help!

Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 25, 2009

Aggressive Triffid Caught on Film

Triffids are dangerous creatures that attack unprovoked. As proof we submit the following video that shows an unarmed gentle person get visiously bitch-slapped by a triffid’s stinger.

We warn you, the video is quite horrific but it is a must that we see these things lest we fall victim to the liberal tree-huggers who want us to believe that they are docile and majestic creatures train of thought.

Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 25, 2009

Our Newest Propoganda One Sheet



Say it LOUD and say it PROUD:

Triffids are the GAYS of the plant world!

Repost this as you see fit, we WILL be heard and we WILL win!

Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 25, 2009

Join These Protestors

We sucesfully launched our first protest against the possible de-criminalization of Triffids. Our march took place during the congressional meeting on the Triffid ban, we spoke with several congresspeople and held luncheons and lobbying sessions.

We are proud to announce that the Mormon’s, fresh off their victory on the Prop. 8 debacle, hit the streets running on our behalf.

Enjoy these photos from the front lines! We are making our stance known: Not In My State and Not in my Country!!!

Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 24, 2009

Take Our Reader Poll

New York Times bestselling Author F. Paul Wilson supports the growth and keeping of Triffids as evidenced by his tweets and posts to his True/Slant blog and website.

Triffids and the supporters known as Triffidites (Fids for short) are working contrary to God’s law. Let your congressperson know you support the congressional ban on Triffids and oppose the Tirffidite movement

Where do you stand? take our survey to find out how alligned you are with the God-fearing public and the government.

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Get The Word Out!

Show your support with the new “Triffids Eat Babies” picture. Post it to your sites like MyFace and Spacebook…or whatever sites you kids use these days! let it be known now that Triffids are dangerous!!!

FACT: Triffids Eat Babies

FACT: Triffids Eat Babies

Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 24, 2009

Stop The Triffids

Who are we? For now, due to possible backlash, we choose to work under the guise of anonymity. Rest assured though, in time, our name will be synonymous with a movement against the threat of Triffids and those who choose to harbor these monstrous plants.

We are a group of citizens: Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers and Sisters working together with our congressmen and other political figures to put stop the growth and raising of Triffids as family pets and flora.

Perhaps the greatest detriment to humanity is the assumption that these plants can be raised and kept in a pen without regard to the human and animal lives in the area. We stand here today and say “Not in my State, and Not in MY Country!”

Yes, we are angry. Many of us who survived the initial Triffid attack in the 50’s are horrified that these dangerous monsters are now being raised…yes, RAISED for amusement, or for novelty. Whatever the reason, it has to be stopped. The creatures should not exist and are living contrary to God’s law!

It is a known fact that Jesus hates plants. “And on the next day, when they had departed from Bethany, He became hungry. 13 And seeing at a distance a fig tree in leaf, He went to see if perhaps He would find anything on it; and when He came to it, He found nothing but leaves, for it was not the season for figs. 14 And He answered and said to it, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again!” And His disciples were listening. (Skip to verse 20) 20 and as they were passing by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots up. (Mark 11:12-14, 20 NASB)”

God Hates Figs and he hates Triffids even more. He abhors those who harbor the triffids as well. DO NOT let these liberal free-thinking tree-huggers fool you with their rhetoric about the benefits of the Triffids.

Their Point

Triffids help control the pest population.

Our counter Point:

So do poisons and toxins and birds of prey. If you want fewer pests get a grey horned owl! Do not raise a plant that will turn on you given the chance. Yes, they eat pests but you know what else they eat? Babies. Do you really want to support a plant that performs really really really later term-abortions? We didn’t think so.

Their Point:

Triffids are great at controlling the homeless population

Our Counterpoint:

So are poisons and toxins! No one hates the poor more than Jesus. Poor people cannot pay tithe and offering because they have no money. What good is a poor person to the Lord?

Their Point:

The plants are harmless so long as they are kept behind a fence.

Our Counterpoint:

That’s what we said about Jews and the Japanese, but they got out!

It has come to our attention that New York Times Bestselling author F. Paul Wilson advocates the keeping of these filthy creatures. He “tweets the deets” daily and even discusses them on his website

The Devil and His Spawn

The Devil and His Spawn













F. Paul Wilson is now public enemy number one in our eyes. We will bring him and his precious plants down.

Write your congressperson today and tell them that you will not tolerate Triffids in your state or in your country. Together we can stop this potential epidemic.


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