Posted by: God Hates Triffids | September 1, 2009


On May 17th, 1954 the U.S. Supreme court entered its decision in the historic Brown v. The Board of Education case declaring segregation of schools unconstitutional. In 1957 nine African American students enrolled at Little Rock Arkansas’ Central High, a public school, entered the school for the first time after being barred by then governor Orval Faubus.

It was a historic moment that forever changed the landscape of the public school system as educational facilities across the United States followed suit and desegregated.

It is now the latter part of 2009 and as we approach the end of the aughts and head into the decade ending capper of 2010 we are faced with the prospect that the need for segregation is once again at hand.

No, we are not talking about segregating our colored friends, that would be a ridiculous request! Unless its something they WANT to do, then we won’t stop them. HOWEVER, what we refer to is the segregation of an even more threatening group. The young Fids.

School age children of Triffid Sympathizers are a bigger threat to our great nation than any other rapidly growing minority group.

With the love of triffids instilled in them from birth, many of them carrying the fidichlorian gene, they are a great danger to those of us who oppose these plants and the supportes of the flora in question.

“I don’t want my children exposed to this. Whatever sinners do in their home is one thing, but to bring it to school and flaunt in in the faces of innocent kids trying to live a God-fearing life…it’s just heinous.” Says one mother of a child attending a public school which openly enrolls triffid sympathizers.

School Principal Mary Kubick for New York’s PS 12 school adds; “Until there is some form of legislature barring these…things…from our halls we have to let them in. And they come in droves, wearing their triffid propoganda and lecturing to kids on the benefits of raising and keeping these monstrous creatures.”

Leslie Kayter, a kindergarten teacher agrees. “Look, it’s not the smell that fids give off that I find repulsive…and its a fact that all fids do stink, its their lower than average IQs. It’s like their parents are cousins.”

Fidkids: Worse than Cooties

Fidkids: Worse than Cooties

It is a known fact throughout the world that Fids often inbreed to keep the bloodline pure and the resulting offspring are often products of incestuous relations.

Kayter continues, “It’s just that they creep me out. I know they go home to a household built on lies and misinformation and they go outside to their patch and feed those things. they feed the plants meat, probably the bodies of children on the Amber Alert. I shiver at the thought.”

The United States Supreme Court is not opposed to re-segreating the schools and designating certain buildings in disrepair to fidkids. A Judge speaking anonymously said, “I know of several buildings riddled with cancer-causing asbestos. If we can just get these children into these structures we can let nature run its course.”

And we agree whole-heartedly. Fidkids must be stopped. Just because they look like innocent kids we must not forget that they are the spawn of Satan and raised and educated by Fids to be the next generation of Triffid Sympathizer.

Segregate them now or fight them later. The choice is ours and the courts and government is on our side! So is God, and we have it on good authority that he agrees with this plan.



  1. The only school Fids belong in is a school of fish. treat FidKids like unwanted kittens and drown them.

    • So true. While we don’t condone drowning kids as a rule, there is always an exception.

      1) Times be hard and you need to cash in on that Gerber Policy.

      2) You find your male child is infatuated with show tunes and Zac Effron.

      3) Your daughter knows the words to every Indigo Girls song.

      4) You Child is a filthy Fid!

      5) You can’t afford a babysitter.

      So, offing your child for every circumstance is not always the best response but it certainly isn’t the worst in some.

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