Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 31, 2009


There is a certain number of the populace that cannot legally vote:

-Minors (18 years and under)


-Retarded people


-Black People

-Native Americans

The reasons for “no vote” status are varied and we won’t get into it here but one class of citizen shockingly absent from this list is the FIDS.


This could change in the near future and hopefully before the next election in two-thousand something. Our lobbyists have been busy wining, dining and contributing to congress so that we can get a bill in the coffers.

The bill, if passed, will block all Fids from legally entering the voting booths. In fact, the law will make it illegal for them to vote for anything; (Sheriffs, judges, mayors, American Idols).

“Fids are a second class citizen and we have to acknowledge this. We need to be open and vocal about it, no sitting around the dinner table talking about it in hushed tones.” said Lisa Krause of Huntington, MA. “I raise my kids to be accepting of everything as long as it is normal and not in contrary of God’s law.

Jesus, speaking driectly through yours truly, added “To let a fid vote would be the equivalent of crucifying me all over again.”

And who wants to crucify the son of God all over again? Well, the Jews notwithstanding, the answer would be no one.

We will keep you up to date on our campaign to end the Fid Vote and we will fill you in on details as they arise.



  1. Women can vote….don’t start that crap now.

    • Riiiiiiight. Women can vote, LOL…what school did you graduate from?

  2. As a lawyer I concur with ending Fid sufferage. They can not be allowed to have their voices heard. THEY MUST BE SILENCED!

    Having a voice in government allows these triffid sympathizers to have a voice in the affairs of the American public and how can we trust such a misguided voice.

    As far as we can tell, they may not even have 100% human genome, which makes Fids less than human and as such they should be exempt from voting.

    If I can help in any way please feel free to contact me. Stop the fid vote and silence the voice of these terroritsts!

    • Thanks Bob, we will be in contact with you to discuss your role in stopping the Triffid Supporters from voting. At least you took the time to formulate a well constructed response not filled with misinformation. Some rogue poster to our site actually believes women can vote. What lies and spin will they propogate next? Women can drive? Join the Army?

      Spread your lies elsewhere fids! We will have none of it here.

      We will be in touch Bob, thanks again.

  3. I read a study once… A group of scientists where conducting this study to see if Women should be allowed to vote.

    They had a petition and were asking women if they would sign to end women’s sufferage. The got more than 11,000 signatures in under 4 hours.

    They concluded that any group of people that retarded wouldn’t be allowed to vote in accordance with most states laws.

    I conducted a similar outside the local branch of the MTLA and received several hundred signatures to end Fid sufferage. These people were very upset that their alternative lifestyle was frowned upon by the moral majority and were very enthusiastic about mending the rift that their choices have created.

    I’m not sure which of my congressmen I should pass this petition along to but the findings are no less important.

    • Sending you statistics to your local congress person will ensure that it is passed properly through the channels.

      I encourage everyone against the fid moevement to conduct their own petition in their own state.

      It is by our acts that we will be defined in the history books and you have contributed greatly to defining our history as a strong organization who is in constant motion to end the tyranny that is the Fids and the plants which they hold in such regard.


  4. Sigh….again, the lot of you are a bunch of misinformed, narrow minded and arrogant zealots.
    Try using truth and hard facts. You don’t because what you spout is pure lies.

    • Oh Cobalt, our resident naysayer. Isn’t your villiage missing their idiot? Please return to them at once.

      We have stated time and again that our posts are backed by hours of scientific study and research is conducted by by independent research firms at local shopping malls everywhere.

      Everything that we post goes through an extensive confirmation process where facts are checked and rechecked. Our staff writers endure a thorough background check and an extensive vetting process similar to that of Sarah Palin.

      Your attempts to undermine us are amusing at best and mildly annoying at the worst. You do no real damage here, our followers know we speak the truth because we tell them we do.

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