Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 26, 2009


Follow Us...we Like Stalkers

Follow Us...we Like Stalkers

We are now a member of Twitter, the micro blogging community.  Follow us there: triffidsmustdie

There is a campaign underfoot on Twitter to support F. Paul Wilson.

With your help and following we can end his campaign of terror!



  1. Tweet your support for the Triffids. Follow the ‘fids – @savethetriffids

  2. Your resistence is futile. We will not delete your posts, but your campaign will fail. We admire your tenacity though.

  3. What are you? The BORG?

    • I thought since I was addressing a hive mentality I would address you in a manner you would understand.

      It was a ref to TNG, I am glad to see that even Fids appreciate good SciFi programming.


    What would Jean-Luc Picard do?

    • More like what would Ripley do… I say we nuke these triffid haters from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure

      • “The line must be drawn HERE. This far NO Farther. Triffids can burn in hell”
        -Captain Picard

  5. @Brian. Triffid haters should all be red shirts.

  6. ““The line must be drawn HERE. This far NO Farther. Triffids can burn in hell”
    -Captain Picard”

    Seriously? Really? I believe Captain Picard said that about the Borg. You know, the mindless ones that follow blindly without knowing the facts.

    Not unlike triffid haters.

    • Not knowing the facts? Just look on this blog. It’s full of facts. I have yet to see any research documents or otherwise disproving anything I’ve read here.

      Show me one, ONE factual source that can prove Triffids didn’t attack my Grandfather or ONE source that says Triffids have NEVER eaten babies… and we’ll talk.

      The only Factless Followers around here are Fids.

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