Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 26, 2009

The Truth About Facts

We have a staff of researchers on hand who prove fact with science. For once Science supports the bible and vice versa. God hates Triffids, and for good reason:

FACT: Triffids rape 1 college co-ed every year
FACT: Triffids cause global warming
FACT: Triffids support 3 known terrorist cells
FACT: Triffids finance films starring Keanu Reeves
FACT: Triffids beat Rihanna, Not Chris Brown

When the facts are laid out, it is hard to deny that they need to be stopped. If for any reason alone to prevent The Lake House 2 from being made.

Actor, Surfer, Musician, and TRIFFIDITE

Actor, Surfer, Musician, and TRIFFIDITE



  1. Your claims are pure bunk….and frickin hysterical!

    • It is my sincere hope you don’t find it funny the next time Keanu gets a leading role.

  2. Haha… also I hear they’re made OF terrorist cells. Get it? like plant cells? Except from the devil.

  3. Do you possibly have any supporting documentation for these crazy accusations. I mean you seriously expect any sane, rational person to believe any of this B.S?

  4. I support the congressional ban on Triffids and I thank God that there is a site out here like this. It is an excellent resource for concerned mothers like myself who don’t want their babies eaten. without your unbiased research we would be lost.

    I will pray for the fithly fids who try to undermine your work that God speaks to their heart and sets their minds right.

    I am writing my congressman today to reinforce my stance on the triffid ban.

    DO NOT LET FIDS MARRY OR ADOPT!!!! Their line of thinking must be extinguished!

  5. I kinda like The Lake House, because of all the
    architectural references/visuals as well as the
    exploration of time-share (not to be confused with
    time-shares, which should be eliminated as soon
    as the triffid removal situation is under control).
    Christopher Plummer, KR and chap who played KR’s brother were all compelling and even at time intriguing in this film. Keanu is not a Triffid.
    Eschew the cinematic pairing of KR and SB, however. BTW any of you Triffid-fighters who haven’t read “The Day of the Triffids” and seen the British film jolly well ought to.

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