Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 26, 2009


The Anti-Triffid movement is picking up steam and we will be victorious. Our next initiative is at hand as we lobby congress heavily.

Everyone knows that a marriage is between a man and a woman. It is the way God intended it and just like we don’t want homosexuals sharing in our misery we don’t want fids to be able to marry and procreate!

"Marriage should be between a man and a woman of non-Fid affiliation." -God

"Marriage should be between a man and a woman of non-Fid affiliation." -God

Our opposition in this cause is a larger threat than a homosexual. Homos can not procreate, Fids can. That is why we need to write our congresspeople today and tell them that fids should not be allowed to marry or adopt/raise kids.

It is for the safety of our youth that we remove them from this radical school of thought. As long as there are parents teaching contrary to God there will be kids who grow up believing this ridiculousness.

We are working to get a proposition on the next ballots that prevent fids from marrying or having children. If we get a vote and it becomes a bill it will become law and after that the numbers of triffid sympathizers will dwindle with each passing year.

But we are doing this because it is God’s will, not our own. that fact that God’s will coincides with our political agenda is simply happenstance.

Talk with your congressperson today to get details on how you can ban the marriage and adoption rights of Fids.



  1. As a member of FSM, I see nothing in their documentation condemning Triffids.

  2. But there is nothing in there supporting them, so we have to assume that FSM is against Triffids as well.

  3. You do know what happens when you assume?

  4. You do know what happens when you use lame catch phrases?

    Now you know… and knowing is half the battle.

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