Posted by: God Hates Triffids | August 26, 2009


The MTLA (Man Triffid Love Association) is an offshoot of sympathizers, and most male sympathizers partake in the dangerous sexual liasons with the venemous and killer plant.

Recently featured in an article in the Journal of American Medication, copulating with the plants is a new danger and most men in the sympathizer regime are walking around with a new STD called “Triffylis” and don’t even know it.

It is spreading amongst Fid breeders and only the ban on Fid marriage and fids raising kids can stop this pandemic.

If when you urinate you smell a soft floral fragrance you are most likely infected. No word yet on other side effects, we will keep you updated.

In the meantime, we must stop all male Fids from mating with their vegitation. say no to MTLA!




  1. Wow…just wow.
    Talk about wacky mis-information.

  2. The bible thumpers are sinking to new lows here.
    These are peaceful plants.
    Your crazy accusations show just how crazed you all are. Maybe a trip to the psychiatrist is in order for you, it seems your medication needs an adjustment again.

  3. yeah…what he said.

  4. You tell them Brian!

  5. Come out of the closet triffid haters. It is a known fact that you are all triffid lovers – you just don’t want to admit your love of the triffids.

    • if by love you mean loathe, then our cup runneth over. Do not put words in our mouths. We present solid facts and undisputed truths and you and your fellow fids spew profanity and myths.

      Anyone reading this site knows the truth: Fids=FAIL

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